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Product name : Tamper Evident Security Tape
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It looks line normal tape, but once opened, the anti-counterfeiting message (like the word VOID) will be revealed immediately. It takes good care of your commodity during the whole transportation.


Partial transfer type: the adhesive and words will partially transferred to the object after opening the tape.

Total transfer type: the adhesive and words will totally transferred to the object after opening the tape.

Non-transfer type: the words will appear after opening the tape; but the adhesive primer will not be transferred onto the object.


Backing: PET film

Adhesive: acrylic adhesive

Color: red / blue / black / yellow etc

Option 1: can be produced as LABEL or TAPE shape

Option 2: the anti-counterfeiting message (like the words VOID, OPEN etc) can be produced as customers’ requirement.

Option 3: partial transfer type/total transfer type/non-transfer type

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